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Factor-based Investing

Isolating the most critical factors to success.

From business and advertising to sports and fitness, advanced analytics are reinventing industries across every sector. Now they’ve inspired a smarter approach to investing designed to give you the highest probability of success: factor-based investing.

Value Momentum Quality Minimum Volatility Size

Maximizing performance.
Minimizing risk, costs, and tax consequences.

A factor-based approach is the next evolutionary step in investing, combining the most attractive aspects of both active and passive investing.*


(Stock pickers)
  • Opportunity to outperform
  • Higher risk
  • Tax consequences


(Index funds)
  • Market return
  • Market risk
  • Low cost
  • Improved tax treatment


  • Higher probability to outperform
  • Risk managed
  • Low cost
  • Tax efficient

Consistent performance.
Compounded over time.


Over a simulated 15-year period from April 2003 to September 2018 using actual market conditions, HPA risk-focused portfolios saw a 456% return versus 359% from the market.


HPA Risk-focused portfolio
Benchmark portfolio


Fewer than 15% of active managers and 0% of passive managers outperform the market over a full market cycle.**

Our goal is to outperform the market by 1 to 2% each year over the same span, which factor-based models achieve 80% of the time.*



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* Berkin, A. L., Swedroe, L. E., & Asness, C. (2016). Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing: The Way Smart Money Invests Today. St. Louis, MO: BAM ALLIANCE Press.

** Soe, A. M., & Liu, B. (n.d.). SPIVA® U.S. Scorecard (Mid-Year 2018 ed., pp. 1-31, Rep.). S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC.

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