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About Us

High Probability Advisors provides investment solutions to a wide variety of clients who need effective, efficient stewardship of their long-term assets. Our typical clients are high net worth individuals, multi-generational families, not-for-profit endowments/foundations, businesses and retirement plans. We employ proven strategies embracing the tenets of academic research in finance and behavior.  Risk management is integrated throughout our efforts.

Invest smarter
Increase Your Probability for success

Factor-based investing is a new approach, based on advanced analytics and academic research, designed to optimize performance, minimize costs, and minimize downside. It’s investing for the era of Big Data—with a relentless focus on cost-efficiency, risk management, and delivering the highest probability of long-term success.

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Our Commitment:

  • Providing our clients with a highly probable path to reaching their investment goals

  • Employing academically grounded investment themes, new financial product innovations and cutting edge technological platforms

  • Risk management is our priority
We apply traditional techniques, asset allocation and diversification. PLUS, newer methods to reduce equity market volatility and test portfolios for exposures to various potential shocks (interest rates, oil prices, etc.)

  • Apply our experience and perspective for our clients' benefit

We bring decades of successful experience in managing billions in investments for thousands of clients through good and bad markets.

  • Incorporate behavioral finance principles to buffer clients from common pitfalls
We’ve studied the psychological and emotional elements that impact everyone – professionals and non-professionals alike – and can impact investment programs. We get our clients on track and help keep them on track as the never-ending stream of worrisome world events threaten to derail their investment success.